Hey, this is Clint. Thanks for your interest in my seminar where I personally instruct you on how to open your own bar.

You know it’s sad to me how many beginning bar owners go into business completely unprepared and lose their life’s savings as a result. Considering this high failure rate, it would definitely be to your benefit to at least become familiar with the basics.

To make that possible for you I created a 4 1/2 day seminar based completely on the “My Own Bar” manual available on this web-site.

That’s “My Own Bar”. (Click the free preview to see what is included in "My Own Bar" or purchase by clicking the cover on the right).

My seminar is for people just like you who have the dream of opening a bar, but at the same time don’t feel ready to take the plunge after simply reading a manual. Invest a small amount of time and money in yourself. Learn what the bar business is all about and what it actually takes to open one.

When you have the full picture you can decide if this is the life for you. Much better than jumping in blind.

For more information read the summary on this page.

Also for those who cannot commit 4 ½ days, look for 1 and 2 day workshops coming soon.

Thank you for listening and I will see you in class.

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