Hey, this is Clint. Thanks for your interest in my seminar where I personally instruct you on how to open your own bar.

You know it’s sad to me how many beginning bar owners go into business completely unprepared and lose their life’s savings as a result. Considering this high failure rate, it would definitely be to your benefit to at least become familiar with the basics.

To make that possible for you I created a 4 1/2 day seminar based completely on the “My Own Bar” manual available on this web-site by clicking on the "My Own Bar" cover to the right.

That’s “My Own Bar”. (Click the "FREE PREVIEW" in the Upper Right to see what is included in "My Own Bar".

My seminar is for people just like you who have the dream of opening a bar, but at the same time don’t feel ready to take the plunge after simply reading a manual. Invest a small amount of time and money in yourself. Learn what the bar business is all about and what it actually takes to open one.

When you have the full picture you can decide if this is the life for you. Much better than jumping in blind.

For more information read the summary on this page.

Also for those who cannot commit 4 ½ days, look for 1 and 2 day workshops coming soon.

Thank you for listening and I will see you in class.


What Is "Bar Owner Basic Training" ?

"Bar Owner Basic Training" is a four and a half day seminar designed especially for people with little or no experience in the bar business, but never the less, have always dreamed of opening a bar. The course is a complete overview of the bar business, and delves deeply into all aspects of opening a bar. It includes intense training, detailed discussions, lots of question and answer, and an open exchange of ideas. The course follows the "My Own Bar Owners Manual" as a guide (click to see the "FREE PREVIEW" or CLICK TO PURCHASE on the cover links to the right). This seminar is a great way to learn the basics or fundamentals of the bar business. Our goal is to instill the fundamentals into your DNA and then to etch them deeply into your soul. We want the basics of the bar business to become second nature to you. By gaining a firm grasp on these fundamentals, you will be prepared to live your dream.

What "Bar Owner Basic Training" Is Not

"Bar Owner Basic Training" is not a cheer-leading session where you get pumped up with tales of how rich you will get in the bar business. It is not a seminar where you will receive broad generalizations on topics that don’t really have any bearing on your success and ultimately leave you wanting. It is not where you come to have any misconceptions you may have about the bar business reinforced. Bar owner basic training is not where you come to hear over simplified or vague answers to your questions.

Why Was "Bar Owner Basic Training Created"?

To help people who are thinking of going into the bar business understand what it is really all about. To provide information on subjects they have never thought of, because they have no experience in the bar business, and would have no reason to have ever known. To give people a chance to know the full truth on the business into which they are thinking of investing time and money.

In my thirty years in the bar business, I have seen people from all walks of life decide to go into the bar business. Some were professionals like doctors, lawyers, accountants, and engineers. Others were people successful in various businesses and thought that their success in one business would automatically transfer to the bar business. Some people from these various professions and businesses did succeed, but most did not. After talking with many of these people, about their foray into the bar business, the most common reason for failure, was lack of research and planning. Many of these people, armed with advice from well-meaning friends and relatives, just did not believe that the bar business could possibly be as difficult as the business they were currently in. Therefore, they did not take it as seriously as they should have. Many of these people were regular customers at a bar and figured they knew all they needed to know by observing what went on at their favorite watering hole. This is a piece of cake, they thought. They, of course, were wrong. Unfortunately, they were completely unprepared for what can actually be a very difficult business. "Bar Owner Basic Training" was created to help the person with no actual experience in the bar business, even some with experience, to enlighten themselves as to what they are up against. To provide insight into the business they have dreamed of, and to help them determine if this is really something they want to do.

Why Should You Attend "Bar Owner Basic Training"?

Because you instinctively understand that you can lose your life’s savings, and perhaps the savings of others, going into a business you have not properly researched. Because you understand that there is danger going into a business in which you do not have a complete understanding. Because you are open minded and willing to learn all you can about a new business venture, before jumping in. Because, you have a burning desire, to discover what is fact, and what is fiction, about the bar business. Because you know it is best to determine in advance, whether you are suited to this life, and whether or not, this is the type of life you want to lead. Because you know you can never hurt yourself, by learning.

How Will "Bar Owner Basic Training Benefit You"?

You will learn from someone who has actually opened bars, me. You will have the advantage of being exposed to material that you quite possibly have never considered. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers. You will learn the brutal truth about the bar business and why it is different and more difficult than other businesses. All the myths will be debunked and all the illusions you may have, will be shattered, but you will know the truth. Because you will get real life, specific information, not vague generalities, you will definitely know what the bar business is all about after finishing this course. Because you can accomplish all of this by making a small investment in yourself, before making a large investment in a bar.

Where Is "Bar Owner Basic Training Conducted"?

"Bar Owner Basic Training" will be held in various locations around the country. The attempt will be made to hold "Bar Owner Basic Training" in easily accessible locations. We will announce the times and locations on this web site. The actual location will be a hotel located very near the airport of the city that the class is held in. Group rates will be offered to all attendees.

What Does "Bar Owner Basic Training Cost"?

"Bar Owner Basic Training" costs $799.00 for the four and a half day course. It includes a printed copy of the "My Own Bar Manual", the "Employee Handbook Manual", and the "Promote Your Bar Manual". Classes will run Monday thru Thursday from 8:30am- 5:30pm and then Friday from 8:30-noon. We will stay later if Q and A requires it. My desire is to have all your questions answered and for you to leave with the feeling you have spent your time wisely.

Watch for the information on the 1 and 2 day workshops coming soon.

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